Today I am sharing a conversation I had with my good friend Elan during our IG live Heartbreak Happy Hour last week. Elan is a self-expression and sexual empowerment coach, and I saved some really juicey questions for her to answer for us.

We start this episode off with an explanation of what intimacy is and what it should look like for us. We then get into self-intimacy, body image, body dysmorphia, and people pleasing.

From the good girl complex to religious upbringings, and society’s standards to allowing ourselves to be curious, have permission, and self-satisfaction.

Being open minded, taking ourselves on dates, and learning how to do more things alone, and taking radical responsibility of our own life. This is such a jam-packed episode. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the important discussions we had today. Thank you to all of you who send in your questions and allowed Elan and I to go deep and answer them for you while sharing our own experiences.

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