The more obsessed we are trying to be like someone else, the more we are rejecting who we are truly meant to be.

Tune in today to hear my solo jam on toxic comparison. It is normal to look to others for a better understanding or just simple curiosity. This is all included in how we grow as individuals, but we must make sure that our emotions and fears don’t stop us and get in the way of believing in our own selves.

You need to be able to consume more of you to create your own, and on today’s show I am sharing my best tips when it comes to curing the comparison.

We need to be able to ask ourselves questions and be curious. When the signals coming from our body are asking for change, we need to listen to that, and be willing to take those next steps.

From measuring your self-worth to living up to expectations and bringing more awareness into your life I am chatting about it all today.

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