Today I am sharing one incredible conversation I had with Nicole Murphy. Nicole is passionate about the power of story, and the role it plays in all our lives.

With almost a decade of experience working in media, Nicole has interviewed hundreds of people to create non-fiction content, worked on dramatic movie sets, and experienced working at a news station. She is currently an instructor at a college and leads a college student media center.

Tune in to hear how Nicole got her start in the industry, the career path and pivots she chose, and how we can start to normalize more things that happen in our everyday life.

We are getting into fear, success, burn out, expectations, wellness, happiness, achievement vs attachment, and joy. This episode is jam packed and full of useful nuggets you are going to want to write down.

Is this for love or from love? New level, new devil. I will be happy when. These are just a few prompts we have for you, and are diving deep into. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this one.

Grab your favorite journal and pen, and find that cozy spot to listen to this episode. You are going to love it!

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