Today we have a returning guest on the show. I am talking again with Dr. Shawn Horn who is a licensed psychologist, author, and inspirational speaker.

Dr. Horn is also a Columnist for TOI magazine, hosts Inspired Living Podcast, is a media consultant, founder of Instagram’s The Psychology Directory, host of YouTube’s Digital Practice and author of Shame-Buster!

With over 27 years’ experience in the mental health field, she is now bringing the wisdom of the therapy room to larger audiences. Her mission is to bust through shame, ignite hope and inspire wholehearted living! Her moto, “Transform from the person you were programmed to be into the person you were designed to be!”

Tune in today as we learn how to navigate through grief. First off, we learn about shame. How to identify it and what our self-worth and self-esteem have to do with it. What it is like to have to walk through the sadness as well as the lengths of time it may take.

Learn about the five important stages. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

We also talk about the importance of having our “safe people” around us and what tools we need to recover from trauma.

Why you need to feel it, to heal it, the importance of setting true intentions, and why we need to attend to our inner child. All this and more on today’s powerful discussion.

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Don’t forget to scroll back to Episode 27 and 52 where you can hear more of her wisdom, she shared with us on the show.

Shifting hard into the healing, health, and happiness in 2021, and excited to have you on this journey with me, so we can do this together.

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