Happy New Year friends! Tune in today to hear how my year went and what I have planned for you in 2021. On today’s show, I am doing quite a bit of reflecting with you. Sharing my 2020 vision board, what came true for me, and how I am organizing this new year to look and feel.

I’m talking about why you need to be super specific with your goals. The Universe cannot deliver exactly what it is you want, unless you describe it in full, giving all the details. You’ll hear a few examples of this today.

The way I mapped out my 2021, is through developing categories, themes, and extremely specific lists, and asks. You must just put it out there. I did! And I’m sharing the results with you.

Healing, health, and happiness are how I am celebrating this new year, and I cannot wait to hear how you are going to soar in 2021.

I am here to share that I plan on becoming a much stronger, more energetic, and aligned version of myself, and on this episode, I am going to show you the steps I am taking to get there.

Are you ready to shed what is no longer serving you? Be open, get aligned, and rise to all the new opportunities, and possibilities this year? If so, send me a message on Instagram today.

Get ready for new creations, vibrations, guests, and value this year on the show.

Be back next week!

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