MB Mannino is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Blogger.

Her mission is to make health, wellness, and mindfulness practical and approachable for you so that you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in advocating for your own wellbeing.

Through her work she hopes to inspire you to slow down, reconnect and check-in with yourself.  It is her intention to curate a place of ease, meaningful connection, and positivity – three pillars she lives her life by.

Tune in today to hear this special episode. MB shares with us how her corporate world career led her to where she is teaching today and why the power of choice is so important.

We also get into the different types of breathwork, such as integrative and meditative. What they look and feel like and who should be with you when practicing.

From the importance of mental health, our wellbeing to being in control. Breathwork helps us in all these areas plus more which we get into today.

Be sure to stay until the end of this episode to experience a live breathwork session, facilitated by MB. You are really going to walk away from today’s show so much calmer and feel more peace in your day.

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