In today’s episode I am sharing an incredible conversation with my friend Kari Mischell. You may remember her Episode 35 and 46. Willpower is Wack and Finding Your Feminine. I left you the links below to catch up on those episodes after this one.

Kari is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mother of four, food and body freedom coach and an emotional eating expert who has created a coaching program helping women reconnect back into their bodies to heal the root cause of why they diet or overeat.

Kari has completed the Mind/Body Wellness certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and as well as the Food and Body Freedom coaching certification through Hungry for Happiness, a company that has revolutionized the diet industry.

She currently runs an online intimate 1:1 coaching program, group coaching programs and works as a Hungry for Happiness mentor for their coaching certification.

Kari’s passion and mission are to help women end their battle with food and heal their relationship with their bodies so that they can live a life full of peace, presence, and happiness!

Today we are chatting about all things energy and how it affects us in our lives. Kari goes over all the chakras and what each one means as well as the true meaning of our emotions, our energy in motion.

Feeling the energies through hugs and handshakes and what it is like to feel as an empath. The major and minors of our energy exchanges and so much more.

Kari also speaks on our energetic health, how to shift our energy and when and how to plan an emotional release and why we need them.

Tune in for a very educational episode on all things energy and to learn more on how to become a part of Kari’s community.

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