Dr. Asha Bauer is a psychologist, holistic success coach, and founder of The Consistent Creative. She’s dedicated to helping creatives and entrepreneurs trade in the hustle and overwhelm mentality for more flow, productivity, and joy.

Dr. Bauer has over a decade of experience studying flow, mindfulness, and resilience, and helping high performers to clear mental blocks, clarify their values, and define their own version of success, through the right strategy, the right systems, and the right mindset.

When she isn’t conducting research or working with clients, Dr. Bauer enjoys travel, design, yoga, extra spicy chai tea lattes, and snugs with her tabby cat, Sati.

When Dr. Bauer was getting her doctorate degree in psychology, she saw a lack of connection to the work within her peers. They were studying topics like mindfulness, motivation, flow, and emotional wellbeing, but encouraged to work in ways that burned us out.

She decided to do things her own way, and found she was much more productive and able to get much more out of life when she prioritized her energy and joy. Now she has embraced a big, bold, multi-passionate career as a research psychologist, yoga instructor, therapist, business consultant, and a holistic success coach for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Bauer believes that success can FEEL like success, and that the idea that we need to pass through a period of total burnout on the way is a destructive myth in our society. We can develop a more gritty, flowing, and joyful way of working through the right strategy, the right systems, and the right mindset.

This process requires you look within and use your own inner wisdom rather than relying on external messages you are receiving, glorifying the hustle, making you feel like there is a formula you need to follow or that you need to find the answers in someone or something outside of you.

Tune in to hear more on Dr. Asha Bauer’s healing journey, how we met, why following generic formulas will not work and why you need to hold your own energy and listen with your body and not your head.

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