Today’s episode is a solo jam and I am excited to share on this topic. It is something that has been pulling on my heart strings lately to be honest with you.

I am choosing my intentions and sharing them with you as well as some key factors in my decision to move from California to Ohio.

I also chat about what is was like when I left my 9-5 job of 15 years to transition into following my purpose. I want to help women realize that they can change their beliefs, belong in their bodies, find happiness, get over heartbreak, truly thrive while choosing JOY every time!

We are all responsible on how we show up, what actions we take and the attitudes we have. I am going to really dive into this here on today’s show and explain why you must take the super important steps of asking, listening, feeling, and then taking actual action in your life.

Something else that is SUPER exciting is the launch of my Joy Vibe Tribe which I go into full detail on and share who this is for. I share with you what my mermaid mornings consist of as well as my little love nuggets I tend to drop on the daily.

If you are ready to get out of your busy brain and truly start serving, then this episode is just for YOU!

One last thing, I am giving you some great personal development homework so don’t forget to “take a ten”, get it done and share with me on Facebook and Instagram. Connecting with you bring me so much joy so don’t forget to send me a message after listening…

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