On today’s episode I am talking with Cathy McKinnon. Cathy is the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching and most recently named of Wellness Influencer of 2020 in Las Vegas Entrepreneur Magazine. And today is all about JOY!

Cathy is also a 2x Amazon #1 International Best-Selling author with her chapters in Silent Grief, Healing and Hope and Joy, Recipes for Abundance. She bravely, shares her infertility journey and her story to finding her true JOY. The books are compilations of TRUE stories!

Stories that will inspire and touch hearts everywhere!

Cathy shares with us how she was tired of going through the motions. How she overhauled her habits, routines, and mindset! Now she helps busy moms to release burnout and finally step into the confidence and energy they dream of, in under 90 days.

Helping these women find that joy, confidence, and energy they are so WORTHY of through success habits, self-care and balance that propel them towards the optimal vision for their life!

If now is time for you to become the healthiest, happiest, most inspired version of yourself, this episode is for you!

“I hear you, I see you, I feel you, I AM you!”

Tune in to hear Cathy’s story of how she battled infertility, a cancer diagnosis in 2008 and a divorce battle that encompassed more than a year immersed her into a journey to transform her life!

Cathy overhauled her life, her mindset, her habits, and her way of living! She then started down the path of creating the life that truly brought her JOY, bringing her more smiles than tears.

Cathy laughed harder than she had in years. She knew she had to start sharing her journey as an example of what is possible when you bravely step into your true self.

We’re also chatting about Cathy’s love for Spartan races, how her and her son are having fun throughout this current pandemic as well as how we can take advantage of more! The more that is the opportunities that are right in front of us.

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