In today’s episode I am sharing what I have been uncovering while on this self-discovery journey.

I have many more truths to tell and today is the day. Tune in to hear what I have been growing through. From heartache to heartbreak, pains and strains and why true connections to people have always brough me so much joy.

I’m getting into comparison syndrome, disordered eating, over exercising, restrictions and self-expectations.

Comparison is just the thief of joy and I am not here for that anymore! What I am here for is support and guidance. I want to use what I have learned on this journey and help you get to the highest version of yourself.

In order to love yourself healthy and happy you must take the steps and put in the work. I did it through all my in-person conferences, coaching programs, hours of personal development work, certifications, and graduations.

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Now that I have gone through my story, I want to be the one here for you so that you can do the same, with my new transformation process through my group coaching program which will be out soon.

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