Lauren Quirke is the founder of Rich Soul Revolution. She is a Speaker, Life and Business Facilitator, Mother, Wife and soon to be Author.

She is also the Host of Rich Soul Radio and helps women all over the world take a more holistic and soul driven approach to their businesses.

In today’s episode we’re chatting about how to be creating your vision and how following your soul and taking a more holistic approach to business is better than the grind and hustle method.

Lauren wants us to know that we all have a mission on this earth and no matter how big and scary it is we have everything inside us we need to create it.

Business and life doesn’t have to be hard, it can feel good and be fun!

Tune in to learn how you can find fulfilment by listening to your soul, how you should be measuring your success, why you should become friendly with failure and what happens when you decide to truly show up for yourself.

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