In today’s episode I am sharing a conversation I had with my friend Maggie Morrison.

Maggie is a mindset and lifestyle coach who focuses on mindfulness for multifaceted Mamas! She helps overwhelmed female entrepreneurs embody a resilient growth mindset that helps them balance their beauty, boundaries, business and family without sacrificing their mental health and happiness.
Maggie believes we should prioritize our faith, family and business. In that order. And that it truly is possible to balance it all!

You’re going to get so much out of this episode today. Maggie shares a lot of her personal story with us and the reasons behind her becoming a coach and shifting her own subconscious belief system to become a magnet for miracles!

From traumatic experiences to unlocking and being able to build new beliefs. Learning how to take responsibility when you mess up and the steps you need to take to shift your thought process.

If you want to hear a story about resiliency tune in today. This show is jam packed and full of honesty, vulnerability and our truths!

Tune in for the steps you need to take to overcome adversity and embody confidence and resilience to find power in your own personal transformation. Today you will learn how implementing mindset and energy work and perspective shifts will create the impactful long-term healing we all crave. And that everyone should have their mindset coach on speed dial- because the distance between knowing and doing is a thousand miles!

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