In today’s episode I am sharing a conversation I had in my home with my good friend and Confidence Coach, Elan Zelenka.

Elan’s mission is to help men and women step into who they are and find that true version of themselves. She helps you take radical responsibility for your life and allows you to create that confidence you have been searching for.

If you’ve been listening for a while you know that I love going deep into topics here on the show. And today is no different!

We’re both sharing stories of dating, intimacy, how we need to show up big and bright for ourselves and being able to share these real and raw moments without judging ourselves.

We also discuss why we must give what we want to receive. Love, respect, validation and so much more. As humans we are designed to want all of this!

Confidence is owning the messy, the magical and all the miracles. Tune in today to hear us talk about being vulnerable and why committing to self-growth, personal development and vulnerability help us create and capture the confidence we all desire to have in our lives today.

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