In today’s episode I am chatting with Andrea DeLeon. CEO and Co-Founder of Ditch the Scale.

Tune in to hear Andrea’s personal story of how she went from schooling in a soon to be bio-medical engineering career to fitness trainer, health coach and nutritionist.

Andrea and I are getting deep with you today as we will be sharing more of our personal stories surrounding emotional and binge eating.

We’re also getting into the pressure of how we look, actually see ourselves and how skinny should look and feel. In our everyday lives and especially when in fitness competitions and on stage.

There is so much emotionality behind eating and we both share our struggles with you on today’s show and Andrea talks about dieting as well and bulimia.

Tune in to hear this supercharged episode where we’re discussing disordered eating, exercise addiction and body dysmorphia and what all that means. What it is telling us what we are really missing in our lives.

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