In today’s episode I am chatting with Melody Chuang and diving deep into the topic of being addicted to struggle.

Melody is a Body Love Coach and today she shares her personal stories from the last decade of how it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. As she lived a life being addicted to what was familiar to her and the negativity surrounding that.

The victim mentality plays a huge part in that and Melody goes over what being addicted to a struggle truly means. This is are going to want to hear!

Feeling as though she was perceived a certain way and starting to view herself as a negative person, she had to make some serious changes in her life which she mentions throughout the show.

Melody shares her turning point of when she decided to hire a Holistic Nutritionist and the food turned mindset path of positivity she was then led to and is still on.

From weekend binge drinking to uplifting journal entries, Melody tells us how she got out of her mind and more in tune with her body that allowed her to take action and be the person she is today.

Have you ever been addicted to struggle? How did you heal from that? Let us know. We would love to continue this conversation with you over on Instagram @joyfullybee and @honoryourbody

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