Have you ever struggled with perfectionism or people pleasing? If so, you are going to want to grab a notebook and something to write with because today’s show is full of powerful tips to help you overcome and be more in tuned with your body.

On this episode I spoke with Ashley Ritch, an Emotional Strength and Resilience Coach. Ashley dives deep into her own personal stories as she shares how they happened, what came out of them and why she is the person she is today. Both in her personal life and in her career.

We’re learning how and when your energy is blocked and not able to flow right in your body that is when the physical symptoms start to show up. Ashley explains her own personal injuries and how they affected her both inside and outside of her body.

Ashley also shares a super short breathing technique to keep us grounded and more tips on how to be more connected with our bodies and not in our heads. So powerful!

We all want to be accepted. Right? And at that deepest level. However, it is how we do our own inner work that gets us to where we can feel that true feeling of joy

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