In today’s episode I am sharing why I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for food and body freedom and the certification I just received from my Hungry For Happiness program I have been in for the past eleven months…

Tune in to hear me recap my top moments I learned from graduation as well as the friendships, connections and new eyes I have gained through this amazing process.

I’m also sharing my journey on how I used to transform lives from the outside in and how I can do it from the inside out.

I’m getting into being vulnerable, relatable and using my theory of trusting not testing.

Listen, I never had any intentions of moving my body on the daily. But now I do it and provide the support and community in order to keep it going and help others at the same time.

You’ll be hearing more on how you are able to turn your tears into truths and your facts into freedom.

And this all starts now!

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