In this episode I am sharing a conversation I had with my Podcast Producer Kelly Ann Gorman.

Today she shares a lot of her story she hasn’t shared anywhere else. And more importantly her inner power of strength, never giving up and small moments of joy that truly lights her up.

Being able to find her joy was not always the easiest but that’s when she realized how powerful the mind truly is and the importance of self-care and daily meditation which we chat about more in the show.

Her career has been filled of quite the variety which she goes into today and just to give you an example; the way we had to shift and try all the things just to get this episode recorded. We did it in the backseat of a car and on a stability ball and across the country from one another.

From her professional makeup artistry career to luxury travel to business coaching and podcasting programs, Kelly shares her tips of mindset and how she was able to create a career she truly loves waking up to every day.

Up until three years ago Kelly was living her dream and then she was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, got multiple treatments for it and then later learned she was misdiagnosed. There was nothing ever wrong with her. Nothing at all!

Helping others by sharing her own personal stories has always been her number one passion in life and that is exactly what she plans on doing while pursuing her new career path in law while she continues to grow her podcasting business. Tune in to learn how, why and when that is all happening.

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