In this episode of Cup of Joy I am sitting down and talking with my friend Annie Bardonski, otherwise known as OhhMyAnnie on the interwebs.

You may know Annie from her from very successful YouTube Channel. With over 350,000 subscribers, 54 million views and 12,000 plus followers on the ‘Gram, OhhMyAnnie has definitely made a name for herself online.

Everyone has their own unique story of how they got to where they are today and today I am excited to share Annie’s with you.

Annie’s videos are full of variety. From personal development to law of attraction, manifestation, everyday life and so much more which we chat about today on the show.

Annie also helps women overcome anxiety and manifest their dream lives as she knows firsthand what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Hard work, dedication, a lot of inner work and a good vision board! Although sometimes hitting rock bottom and letting the world see your pain is where you need to start. Annie also shares some of her go to personal development books with us!

Tune in to learn how taking responsibility, facing our fears, changing our relationship with anxiety and allowing our tears to become our truth all help us get to the person who we want to be today.

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