Cup of Joy The Podcast

Hey Friends!

Welcome to Cup of Joy The Podcast. I’m your host Heidi Bee, the “C.J.O.” (Chief Joy Officer) at JoyfullyBee, where our mission is to help humans use Joy as their GPS to elevate the collective energy on earth.

As a certified life coach, personal trainer, and breathwork facilitator, I’ve created a “one stop shop” to help you thrive in health, happiness, and heart-centered living!

Let’s be honest…

Life get’s to be a whole lot of both!

We’ll jam on beliefs, breakups, body image and so much more to create BREAKTHROUGHS and become the truest YOU!

You’ll hear stories of people who choose to shift their junk to joy and struggles into celebrations to live a life they love! Each episode is guaranteed to light and lift you up!

Tune in to hear about topics that block us from living our best life, how to make your body your bestie and tons of little love nuggets to make your own cup of joy overflow.

Weekly episodes that will bring more joy into your life, supersize your soul and provide a sweet space for your own personal growth.

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